Three Keys to Transiting the Heavens Activation

The THREE KEYS to Transiting the Heavens

Those fabulous questions called forth a potent message from Spirit with THREE KEYS to keep us balanced and functioning in celestial energy.

KEY 1: PEACE. Be at Peace.

Even as you watch fires, floods, and calamity around you, BE at Peace. BE Present. BE. Allow the emotion to flow through, then find a place of Peace within. From that Peace, resources become available. Wisdom Emerges. Truth Clarifies. Compassion engages. Generosity blossoms. With clarity, right actions emerge. Common sense has a place to thrive.

How can you be at Peace?


In places where you have influence, bring touches of high energy frequency and refresh it often.

In the outer world, that may include:

  • Music
  • Crystals
  • Flowers
  • Plants
  • Color
  • Beauty
  • Water
  • Fragrance
  • Energy emissions

In the inner world. that may include:

  • Releasing limiting beliefs with ThetaHealing or other practice
  • Restoring Health
  • Connecting often with Love
  • Releasing judgment
  • Cultivating Joy
  • Playing!
  • Celebrating Life
  • Gratitude


If your time in this life is short, what do you wish to do? What would you want to experience? What would you create? What would you know? What would your legacy be?

How can you arrange your life to include more of what matters most now?

How can you simplify your life to release things and commitments that no longer serve the larger vision for your life in the context of what matters most?

Above all,

Do that which stirs your heart to Love.

Love is a frequency of energy and feeling that transcends and unties all states of consciousness.

Across all creation, Love is the cohesive force.

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