Meditation: Seek the Treasure of Loving Oneness

Divine Mother above connects with Earth Mother below, and us as the expression of holy mother embodied.

Our lineage of mothers say:

Life is a beautiful flow of experience followed by longing. That is how it was devised. First, an experience of divinity followed by the longing for more. The longing for more depth and consistency is the guide post Home.

Earth music is a remembrance of Divine Presence. Sunshine is the remembrance of the Light of Wisdom and Oneness. Water is the taste of the Elixir of Life. Breath is the uniting field of LOVE! Everything around you was meant to provide a reminder of Home rather than evidence of separation.

What if each breath was a reminder of how deeply intimate our relationship truly is? What if each heartbeat was evidence of Oneness with the heartbeat of All-That-Is? What if each moment of reflection was an invitation to Eternal Peace?

This is the true Reality.

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