July Goodies

July 2024 ~ Declare Your Independence. Much of the spiritual journey is about identifying what you are not. Battles won! It's time to declare who you ARE as a BEing of Light.

  • June 2024 ~ Activating Omnipotence. We are not done with Sun transmissions! Look what this one infused into us! Fulfillment, ecstasy, connection, and more! This activation wakes up more of your radiant, powerful Self. Your Omnipotent Self! Then practice Calling in Omnipotence daily to strengthen this new connection.
  • May 2024 ~ Ray of Light Aurora Borealis. The energy we are experiencing from the Sun activity is so unusual that we did a meditation to understand and harvest the blessings. The energy quiets the mind and opens Presence within us.
  • April 2024 ! Finding Easter Eggs of Destiny. Easter eggs are caches of energy you have left for yourself to discover and retrieve now. The easter egg is emotions, recurring thoughts, beliefs, pain, joy that was "recorded" during a life experience. Go on an Easter Egg Hunt with us, then tune in for the April Challenge for Project that includes your own spiritual pilgrimage.
  • March 2024 ~ YOU are the Blessing and the Treasure. Questions are the gold! When we mine the possibility within questions, we are digging into the treasure trove of divine goodness. Experience Omnipresence and Omnipotence with us on this inner quest. Use the energy of spring to witness the seeds planted long ago sprout. As they blossom into health, wealth, love, joy, cooperation and satisfaction, broadcast these qualities into the collective to benefit Mother Earth and all life here-on.

And as always, the enjoy the previous THREE MONTHS experiences.

PLUS a special feature! RESOURCES. Scroll down to find the Resources Section. You will find the best and most loved meditations here. Enjoy!

With love,

Kimberly Marooney

Lesson Summary

In the recent months, Kimberly Marooney has been guiding individuals through a spiritual journey filled with blessings and self-discovery:

  • March 2024 emphasizes the transformative power of questions, urging individuals to explore the depths of divine goodness through inner reflection and the energy of spring.
  • February 2024 invites us to celebrate the sweetness of romantic love while also exploring the depths of inner ecstasy and divine love.
  • January 2024 begins with reflecting on the blessings of the previous year and setting intentions for the new year through a Blessing Angels Activation.
  • December 2023 encourages individuals to receive energy and resources to expand their mission, recognizing opportunities to revalue and reprioritize.
  • November 2023 focuses on gratitude as a force for co-creation, inviting participants to walk 10,000 steps of gratitude while reflecting on past experiences and offering valuable resources for meditation.

Through these monthly experiences, Kimberly Marooney inspires individuals to explore their inner selves, embrace blessings, and radiate love and joy into the world, fostering personal growth and connection with divine goodness.

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