April Goodies

The Joy of BEing the Blessing in Life

You are a precious Being of Light! You are in this life for an important reason. You are part of the Awakening that is happening now. What is your part?

As you awaken to your Whole BEing, how will you serve others?

  • March 2021 ~ The Joy of BEing the Blessing in Life. Start with 1. Everything I have ever been is open to me. What experiences in your life have prepared you for this moment? 2. The Joy of BEing the Blessing in Life Transfiguration experience. 3. What is my part in the Awakening? 4. Try an Experiment. The Holy Selves gave us little homework to integrate this new experience of BEing. Wisdom Teaching ~ Judith Coates gave permission for me to share her message from Jeshua with you! Enjoy! More Wisdom Teachings ~ The World Oneness Day was powerful. You'll find links to the 7 days of preparation, plus the day of Oneness.
  • February 2021 ~ Transfiguration It is possible to Transfigure! Knowing your Self to be Divine Love is transfiguration. Experiencing Oneness with all life is transfiguration. Expanding your unique qualities in blessing is transfiguration. Who shall we become as the Holy Self? Start with 1. Experience Transfiguration. The angels gave such a powerful teaching that we just jumped right into the experience of transfiguration! In 2. The Holy Self speaks, we shared our experiences of BEing the Holy Self. Then we made a plan for 3. How to Go Forward AS the Holy Self. Enjoy!
  • January 2021 ~ Collateral Blessings. Starting with a review of the Gift of Promise and the Gift of Triumph, we harvest the victories of last year and pledge our energies going forward. WE are all an extension of the Holy Self, exploring the out limits of what is possible.

And as always, the enjoy the previous THREE MONTHS experiences.

With love,

Kimberly Marooney