February Goodies

February 2023 ~ Movement of Love

  • January 2023 ~ The Gift of Promise This is our moment to dissolve into Light. Our hearts fly open! The Gift of Promise flys out of our hearts. Join us to experience the energy for this new year.
  • December 2022 Spiritual Initiation at Christmas. Are you preparing the harvest the most possible spiritual benefit from the energies flowing into us and our planet? Christmas Eve is the single biggest infusion of spiritual energy. Begin to receive the awaken from it now. Follow the step-by-step guide from Rev. Dr. Judith Larkin Reno on this Grand Adventure into Divine Love, Joy, and Peace.
  • November 2022 ~ Grand Review. Twice each year, we experience a Grand Review. One 90 days before our birthday, and a second 90 days before the New Year. Next, we went on adventure to direct love energy to planet earth along with millions of other earth angels who are praying.

And as always, the enjoy the previous THREE MONTHS experiences.

PLUS a special feature! RESOURCES. Scroll down to find the Resources Section. You will find the best and most loved meditations here. Enjoy!

With love,

Kimberly Marooney

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