June Goodies

June 2022 ~ One with Everyone, Everything, Everywhere. Join us for a stellar journey into oneness as we express ourselves as Creators. 1. Meet our 3 angel guides, Frequency, Compassion, and Realization. 2. Join us on the journey into the universe, to infinity, and beyond. Experience yourself as Creator of All, acting in union with Source. 3. Hear the interdimensional experiences of love we had as we consider 3 Big Questions.

  • May 2022 ~ We are the Mothers of Invention! We are entrusted with the divine visioning of our future. From Oneness with the life force of peace, joy, and love expanding outward, it is natural to want the same for all aspects of Self that are struggling and suffering. 1. Mothers of Invention Meditation and Visualization guides us through a powerful experience of commanding divine vision for our bodies, lives and world. 2. Expansion through Sharing. Listen as those who joined us live share their visions and experiences. Share your vision on Circle!
  • April 2022 ~ Love Fest with Kimberly! 1. Journey into love and healing as we rest in the eternal peace of our Source. 2. Feel the loving support and encouragement of our Angel Choir as we Share the Love.
  • March 2022 Rev. Velma lead a wonderful Global Prayer 15 angel ministers shared prayers, poetry, song, and love.
  • It's February 2022 Jennifer Hough just finished her new book, UNSTUCK, the Physics of Getting Out of Your Own Way. I read the first two chapters last night and wow! She found a way using "Brain Bridges" to shift whole paradigms in an instant. Jenn says in the book, shifting beliefs one at a time was way too slow.

And as always, the enjoy the previous THREE MONTHS experiences.

PLUS a new feature! RESOURCES. Scroll down to find the Resources Section. You will find the best and most loved meditations here. Enjoy!

With love,

Kimberly Marooney