February Goodies

February 2024 ~ The Real Sweetness of Your Soul. As you celebrate romantic love with the sweetness of chocolate in the outer world, remember to savor the sweetness of inner ecstasy. Remember the Sacred Celebration of Divine Love. First, there is a place where there is only love. Go there with us. Explore the real sweetness of your soul as you create nebulas with your love.

  • January 2024 ~ Blessing Angels Activation. We begin by reflected back on the blessings of 2023 and welcoming in our mission and vision for 2024. A powerful Blessing Angels Activation from Judith Larkin Reno sets the energy for the new year. Will you choose to live in Love and Joy, regardless of what you see in the news?
  • December 2023 ~ This is Your Time! During this high holy season, your are invited to receive massive infusions of energy, resources, and vision to expand your holy mission. They psychic weather is bringing us opportunities to revalue and reprioritize. Join us to recognize the options before you. Then dive into spiritual initiation as you are called to step forth in your radiant glory wearing the laurel leaf strand of truth around your shoulders, the crown of light upon your head, and the badge of honor upon your heart.
  • November 2023 ~ 10,000 Steps of Gratitude. Gratitude is an eternal force for co-creation. Heartfelt, soulful gratitude IS the energy of eternal Love. Who helped you to become who you are today? Who will help you become the YOU of tomorrow? Join us for this exploration as we walk the 10,000 steps of gratitude together.

And as always, the enjoy the previous THREE MONTHS experiences.

PLUS a special feature! RESOURCES. Scroll down to find the Resources Section. You will find the best and most loved meditations here. Enjoy!

With love,

Kimberly Marooney

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