August Goodies

August 2023 ~ The Lion's Gate. This is the perfect time to anchor ascension codes and the energy of higher consciousness. We start with a review of the astronomical event. What is the Lion's Gate and what qualities of energy does it bring to us? Then we connect directly with the surge of light and positive energy coming from Sirius and The Great Central Sun to accelerate our ascension. This experience was so powerful that rather than share our experience, we continued in silence in rest.

  • July 2023 ~ Soul Sovereignty. What is the State of Your Inner Union? Explore how you can transcend feeling separate to live your daily life from a greater state of Inner Union.
  • June 2023 ~ From Telepathy to Oneness: How Trust Opens us to Opportunity. Have you notices we are developing telepathy? We start by opening in trust to allow spirit to provide. The next step is to recognize the opportunities and miracles coming our way. With our telepathic abilities activated and our hearts open, we share in the joy and peace of Oneness.
  • May 2023 ~ The Immanence of Holy Mother. In America, we celebrate Mother's Day in May honoring our earthly mothers. What about our Divine Mother? Join us for a new perspective on the Shekinah, recognized as Divine Feminine in the Kabbalah. The Transformance meditation brings the powerful perspective of Holy Mother for all of her children.

And as always, the enjoy the previous THREE MONTHS experiences.

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With love,

Kimberly Marooney

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