August Goodies

Lion's Gate to Manifesting with Love

The Lion's Gate Portal is a magical force that opens for us from July 28 through August 12. Are you feeling the magic? This is a powerful time for manifesting through love. What is most important to you? How do you want to feel? 1. We begin with The Lion's Gate and these questions. 2. Activation Meditation, releasing old programs of limitation and suffering for humanity and receiving new programs for peace, joy, and love. 3. Sharing the experience of rapture, peace and love with each other. 4. Take the Global Challenge. See others as the Holy Self they are. Discover the blessing each person brings.

  • July 2021 - Imagineering. Imagine that you are an angel or ascended master! Imagine that peace and kindness were the currency of life. Imagine that Mother Earth feels love, cared for, nourished by humans so she can relax into greater health and well being for us all? You have just become an imagineer. 1. Take this powerful journey of transformation with us. 2. We begin by contemplating some potent questions that have the life-changing potential. 3.Then we dive into the meditation that transforms us into Global Masters and change makers. 4. Share with us your peace and joy! 5. Then take up the Global Project and share peace, kindness and joy with the world in all you do. You can do it!
  • June 2021 ~ Dismantling Defenses with the support of family lineage, past lives, spiritual lineage, eternal Self. The energy is ripe for releasing old programs and loop through your mind and emotions. Step into the Sacred Circle of the Illumined Self as we first, connect in meditation with the strength and wisdom of our family lineage. Next, the wealth of realization from our past lives. And add in the power of our spiritual lineage and Eternal Self preparing the way to release those old programs. June celebrates our Fathers. We harvest the gifts and blessings received from our dads, and grandfathers, and the fathers of our children. With these qualities of strength and courage, we tell our stories of woe. With the collective light of each other, we elevate our frequency to shift the energy into love and truth. At the very end, Eva shares her newest poem on Bold Fatherhood.
  • May 2021 ~ Culmination of Life. The single most important focus we can hold in life is the preparation for our "End of Life" Transfiguration. Not so much as to prepare for the "after life", but t live as the Holy Self that you are now. Enjoy this exploration of 1. Conscious Departure. 2. Transfiguration Light Meditation with Rev. Maria Paniccioli. 3. I Am Free poem with Rev. Jodi Cross. 4. Culmination of Life Message.
  • March 2021 ~ The Joy of BEing the Blessing in Life. Start with 1. Everything I have ever been is open to me. What experiences in your life have prepared you for this moment? 2. The Joy of BEing the Blessing in Life Transfiguration experience. 3. What is my part in the Awakening? 4. Try an Experiment. The Holy Selves gave us little homework to integrate this new experience of BEing. Wisdom Teaching ~ Judith Coates gave permission for me to share her message from Jeshua with you! Enjoy! More Wisdom Teachings ~ The World Oneness Day was powerful. You'll find links to the 7 days of preparation, plus the day of Oneness.

And as always, the enjoy the previous THREE MONTHS experiences.

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With love,

Kimberly Marooney