November Goodies

How Would You Write the Script?

What if you were hired to write the script for 2021? As everything changes in politics, with the pandemic, and in our lives, how would you write our script? With powerful moments of epiphany? Would we simply forget our differences and be at peace? How about a cataclysmic shift of some sort? Ooooh, space men coming down from the sky to save us from ourselves? What would be the most fun for you?

  • Click on November 2020 ~ How Would You Write the Script? I was asking for intervention, taking us into our Holy Selves and was reminded that we are the script writers! Listen to tune in to your inner power of cocreation.
  • Wisdom Teachings: with Judith Larkin Reno. .
  • October 2020 ~ Imagine You are the Angel is a Fairytale. Have you listened yet? If not, jump right in. You'll love this experience of awakening together. We month we experience depth, wisdom, love, healing, sweetness, everything we need. Enjoy!

And as always, the enjoy the previous THREE MONTHS experiences.

With love,

Kimberly Marooney