October Goodies

Living AS Inner Source

Barbara Marx Hubbard provides our Wisdom Teaching. She had a powerful morning meditation that she recorded before her passing. We are invited to place our consciousness within our higher self to experience oneness as a steady state. Live AS the Inner Source with us. 1. Tells the story of finding this potent meditation practice from Barbara. 2. IS the practice! 3. Shares our experience of Living AS Inner Source.

  • September 2021 ~ The Rise of Empaths We started with a powerful question: What do we need TODAY to keep vibrant, open, active, connected, energized, balanced, peaceful, joyful, generous, curious? That led us into a conversation about our 1. Magic Formula for Joyous Vibrant Living. From there, we jumped in to 2. Three Keys to Transiting the Heavens Activation. Wow. And then 3. As Empaths, how can we rise up to bless others? The opportunity this month is to share your favorite stuff on Circle. And then share how you are being a blessing to others! That activates joy in us all. We are so connected!
  • August 2021 ~ Lion's Gate to Manifesting with Love The Lion's Gate Portal is a magical force that opens for us from July 28 through August 12. Are you feeling the magic? This is a powerful time for manifesting through love. What is most important to you? How do you want to feel? 1. We begin with The Lion's Gate and these questions. 2. Activation Meditation, releasing old programs of limitation and suffering for humanity and receiving new programs for peace, joy, and love. 3. Sharing the experience of rapture, peace and love with each other. 4. Take the Global Challenge. See others as the Holy Self they are. Discover the blessing each person brings.
  • July 2021 - Imagineering. Imagine that you are an angel or ascended master! Imagine that peace and kindness were the currency of life. Imagine that Mother Earth feels love, cared for, nourished by humans so she can relax into greater health and well being for us all? You have just become an imagineer. 1. Take this powerful journey of transformation with us. 2. We begin by contemplating some potent questions that have the life-changing potential. 3.Then we dive into the meditation that transforms us into Global Masters and change makers. 4. Share with us your peace and joy! 5. Then take up the Global Project and share peace, kindness and joy with the world in all you do. You can do it!

And as always, the enjoy the previous THREE MONTHS experiences.

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With love,

Kimberly Marooney