The gateway is open to Divine Love, acceptance, harmony, and everything you have ever truly wanted in life.

In this embrace is the acceptance of parents that have always appeared illusive. In this place of peace is freedom from self criticism and the knowing of value, worth, and wholeness. In this heaven is harmony with others.

Imagine a life where you are at peace with everyone! How could it feel to be safe and joyful in all relationships? What if you felt seen, understood, loved, and supported by everyone? And in return, you lived in the pleasure and grace of seeing the uniqueness and supporting the essence of everyone?

That is heaven on earth. What if it could be that simple? Shift your perceptions to see the worthiness in each soul? Go below the surface. In the deep is oneness. At the core is love. There is nothing else. Beneath the disguise is love.

Breathe. Seek first peace within your Self. Open your heart to love. Become aware of the presence and blessing of love. Generously follow the Strands of Luminosity that weave the blessings of love. Claim your authority to co-create a beautiful life, blessing others. Allow Spirit to illuminate your imagination with visions of heaven on earth! Trust Spirit to provide everything needed to manifest these visions easily into reality on earth. Everything is possible!

Believe in your Sacred Heart that guides you. You are the embodiment of the Christhood. The Sacred Heart of Eternal Love, embodied on Earth. You are the Holy Grail - the sought after treasure. Look no further - it is within you. The grail is in the treasure vault of your Being. Just as it is in each person you meet in life.

What could life be like if you all recognized and honored the Holy Self of each other?

Try an experiment. For the next month, remember to see the Holy Self in everyone. At work, talk to the Holy Self of co-workers. At home, talk to the Holy Self of family. On the street, witness the Holy Self of everyone. In the media, acknowledge the Holy Self of those with contradicting beliefs.

Remember, everything leads to At-One-ment. Bless the healing you see before you. When judgment or fear come up, breathe. Relax. Remember - this too shall pass. And what is the Truth? Love. Love is being revealed in all actions. Pain is expressed. Love is the healing balm.

Everything is leading to Oneness. All feelings and thoughts reveal the desire for acceptance and love. Be gentle, kind to your self and others. Rage and hatred are the wounded self seeking love. Fear is the wounded self seeking acceptance and love. Beneath the disguise is a laughing buddha, having great fun in the play. Congratulate each other on the job well done and then allow the joy and love to light up and clear the stage for the next expression of healing.

How would you write the script? With powerful moments of epiphany? By simply forgetting the struggle and relaxing into peace? With a cataclysmic shift? Ooooh, space men coming down from the sky to save you? A new scientific discovery? You are the script writers! Have some fun with it.

The time comes in each soul's evolution when it is no longer fun to the be victim in the script. The desire to be lost in the fog of forgetfulness wears thin with the fog. The light of love shines through as a beacon of Truth. Love lifts you higher. The prison door opens and you realize that you have not been in a prison at all! You have been in a fancy sand box, playing out different scenes.

What a dramatic scene you are coming out of now! What deep healing will result. Remember, the ones who cling to the script are still having fun experimenting with separation. Respect that choice. When feelings of judgment or arrogance or retribution appear in you, remember that is the play. You have choice to see through eyes of love. Choose wisely. Your choices determine if you remain a character in the play, or become the writer. All is good.

You are so loved! You are supported, nurtured, treasured. With each breath, feel the love that supports you.

Feel the love that IS you.

Blessings beloved One.

Blessings of love.
Blessings of peace.
Blessings of creativity.