Gateway University is a leader in the field of soul-centered Spiritual Psychology, exploring the interface between spirituality and psychology. The combination of spiritual practice and deep psychology work offers maximum growth in today's stress-filled world.

While the etymology of the word psychology stems from "psyche" or soul, contemporary psychology is sorely lacking in the study of the soul. Spiritual Psychology provides the bridge to the soul, integrating the body, emotions, mind, intuition, soul, and spirit.

Degrees are offered in:

Spiritual Psychology

Transpersonal Education

Transpersonal Psychology

Energy Psychology

Spiritual Psychology

A unique feature of the Gateway School of Spiritual Psychology curriculum is consciousness expansion. Each student experiences transformation as she literally feels the energies of her soul and inter-dimensional Being. Gateway University programs are experiential and life-changing, accelerating personal growth.

Spiritual Psychology Consciousness curriculum includes:

  • Meditation
  • Mystical Skills
  • The Structure of Consciousness
  • Psychology of Higher Consciousness
  • Spiritual Initiation for Contemporary Living

Spiritual Psychology Counseling Curriculum includes:

  • Mystical Dream Training
  • Voice Dialogue and Self-Interview
  • Regression Counseling
  • History and Strategies of Spiritual Psychology
  • Counseling Practicum

Transpersonal Psychology

Transpersonal psychology integrates spiritual and transcendent aspects of human experience with the framework of modern psychology.

The Transpersonal is defined as "experiences in which the sense of identity or self extends beyond (trans) the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche, and cosmos. It has been defined as "development beyond conventional, personal, or individual levels."

Are you feeling called into a private counseling practice? This degree helps to prepare you for working with clients.

Issues considered in transpersonal psychology include:

  • Spiritual self-development
  • Self beyond the ego
  • Peak experiences
  • Mystical experiences
  • Systemic trance
  • Spiritual crisis
  • Spiritual evolution
  • Religious conversion
  • Altered states of consciousness
  • Spiritual practices
  • Sublime and/ or unusually expanded experiences of living.

NOTE: Gateway does not prepare students to sit for state licensing exams.

Transpersonal Education

The Transpersonal Education degree is designed for entrepreneurs who vision opening consciousness learning centers, develop training and certificate programs, become teachers, coaches, and leaders, or have a private counseling practice.

Do you turn personal transcendent experiences into music, art, poetry, literature, courses, or programs for others? Is the focus of your life to create experiences for others in which the sense of self extends into mystical realms?

This course of study provides a balance of psychology, mystical arts, esoteric science and conscious capitalism. You'll learn to bridge societal views of physical reality and multidimensional inner realities to transform, heal, and expand conscious culture. Curriculum is designed to foster new thought leaders.

With guidance from your mentor, you will convert your vision to a business plan, then implement product creation, set up your counseling/ healing practice, design digital strategies to get clients, and open the doors to your private practice or consciousness center.

Energy Psychology

Energy psychology is based on the broad theory that mental health and physical health conditions are related to altered flow and function in the body's electrical energy and energy fields. The idea that the body's electrical field can be manipulated to produce healing and spiritual development is a root of many ancient and modern approaches to medicine.

The underlying principle is that traumatic memories and fears create a state of hyperarousal in some individuals. This is described as increased psychological and physiological activities of tension, pain, feelings of dread, jumpiness, sleeplessness, and anxiety.

Energy psychologists provide simple methods to retrain the brain, helping clients overcome physical and emotional reactions that affect health and well-being more quickly than talk therapies alone.

A few modalities include:

  • Acupressure techniques like EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) and TAT Tapas Acupressure Technique
  • Botanical medicine
  • Imagery
  • Flower and gem essences
  • Aromatherapy
  • Healing Touch
  • Intuitive practices
  • Mind-Body therapies
  • Pyschoneuroimmunology
  • Reflexology
  • Spiritual healing & prayer
  • Meditation
  • Nonlocal therapies
  • Reiki
  • Yoga

Core Curriculum

Master's Degrees

Spiritual Psychology

PSY501 Visioning Your Spiritual Psychology Practice and Philosophy. Imagine someone asks you, "Why Spiritual Psychology?" To answer, you must understand the definition and how it applies to your work. You'll start with a short research project to name the founders, authors, and new thought leaders who are most closely aligned with you work. Then you'll explore the transformation you provide to your clients as we start to convert this understanding into your business model.

PSY502 Philosophy of Spiritual Psychology

PSY503 Counseling Theories, Strategies, & Skills

PSY504 History & Strategies of Spiritual Psychology

PSY506 Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling

PSY509 Spiritual Counseling Practicum

PSY510 Spiritual Counseling Internship

PSY512 Designing Your Spiritual Counseling Practice

PSY521 Self Interview Skills

PSY531 Expand Your Soul Mission

PSY550 Directed Independent Study

PSY552 Independent Study: Research Bibliography

Transpersonal Educator

TE501 Visioning Your Transpersonal Educator Model

TE502 Philosophy of Transpersonal Entrepreneurship and Innovation

TE503 Platform Assessment

TE504 Platform Development

TE505 Signature Product that Conveys your Key Message

TE510 Team Building Skills

TE511 Transformational Design

TE512 Social Media for Community Building

TE513 Leadership in Community Building

TE514 Collaboration. Connecting with working partners, clients, and other significant players in your network cultivating global and local relationships. Identify peers, organizations, and opportunities for expanding your reach as you enter the greater consciousness community of humanity.

TE515 The Art of Teaching

TE516 Expand Your Soul Mission

Therapy Tools Creation

TE520 Creativity and Design Thinking

TE521 Conscious Product R&D

TE522 Conscious Product Development

TE523 Product Manufacture & Packaging

TE524 Product Beta Testing

TE525 New Venture Launch: Educator

TE526 Develop Training Course for Product

TE527 Develop Teacher Guide & Teacher Training for Product

Online Course Creation

TE530 Online Course Design: Lead Magnet and Platform Application

TE531 Online Course Lessons: Topics, Quizzes & Survey Overview

TE532 Online Course Content Development: Video, Audio, Text, PDF, Live sessions, group support

TE533 Online Course Funnel: Content, Lead Magnet Design, Production, and Promotion

TE534 Online Course Launch Plan & Implementation


TE550 Creative Environment & Experience

TE551 Fieldwork

TE552 Developing Creativity: An Interactive Experience

TE553 Applied Project

TE554 Transformational Social Practice

TE555 Social Practice Influencer

Master's Thesis

900 Independent Study: Research Bibliography

901 Master's Candidacy and Thesis Statement

902 Thesis: Introduction

903 Thesis: Theory

904 Thesis: Methodology

905 Thesis: Analysis

906 Thesis: Conclusion and Abstract

907 Thesis: Publication

908 Thesis: Presentation

912 Thesis: Bibliographical Essay

Doctoral Degrees

Spiritual Psychology

PSY601 Visioning Your Spiritual Psychology Practice & Philosophy

PSY602 Philosophy of Spiritual Psychology

PSY603 Counseling Theories, Strategies, & Skills

PSY604 History & Strategies of Spiritual Psychology

PSY606 Legal & Ethical Issues in Counseling

PSY607 Spiritual Psychology Practice Documentation. Develop your business name, licensing, business card, bio, key message. Session descriptions, bundles & prices. Patient intake, patient release, session evaluation, etc.

PSY608 Spiritual Psychology Practice Business Plan & Development. With your vision, philosophy, and key message, define the details of your business plan, business development and order for your launch plan.

PSY609 Get Clients! Identify seven channels through which your clients will find you. Website, flyers, events, blogs, radio, tele-summits, books, social media, etc.

PSY650 Spiritual Psychology Counseling Practicum

PSY651 Spiritual Psychology Counseling Internship

PSY652 Designing Your Spiritual Counseling Practice

Transpersonal Educator

Educational Program Development

TE620 Educational Program Creativity & Design Thinking

TE621 The Art of Teaching

TE622 Educational Program Development: Content

TE623 Educational Materials Design & Fabrication

TE627 Transformational Social Practice: Interactive

Certification Course Development

TE630 Certification Course: Creativity R&D

TE631 Certification Course: Develop Audio Visual Materials

TE632 Certification Course: Kit materials development & design

TE633 Certification Course: Beta Testing

TE634 Certification Course: Accreditation

TE635 Certification Course: Presentation

TE636 From Private Sector to Government

TE656 Therapy Tool. Design, develop, create an original tool for practitioners


TE650 Creative Environment & Experience

TE651 Fieldwork

TE652 Developing Creativity: An Interactive Experience

TE653 Applied Project

TE654 Transformational Social Practice

TE655 Social Practice Influencer

TE657 Create your first EPK. Electronic Promotional Kit

TE658 Design a Fundraising Project

Transpersonal Psychology

TP601 Visioning Your Transpersonal Psychology Model

TP602 Philosophy of Transpersonal Psychology & Innovation

TP603 Counseling Theories, Strategies, and Skills Training

TP604 History & Strategies of Transpersonal Psychology

TP605 Clinical Diagnosis: DSM5

TP606 Legal & Ethical Issues in Counseling

TP608 Theory & Practice of Meditation

TP609 Contemporary Consciousness Techniques

TP610 Transpersonal Therapies: Eastern & Western Strategies for Transformation

TP611 Clinical Assessment & Treatment Plans: DSM5

TP631 Expand Your Soul Mission

TP650 Transpersonal Counseling Practicum

TP651 Transpersonal Counseling Internship

TP652 Your Transpersonal Counseling Practice

Energy Psychology

EP601 Visioning Your Energy Psychology Model and Philosophy

EP602 Philosophy of Energy Psychology and Innovation

EP603 Counseling Theories, Strategies and Skills Training

EP604 History and Strategies of Energy Psychology

EP631 The Science of Energy Healing: from ACEP

Doctoral Disseration

911 Surviving Your Thesis/ Dissertation


965 Dissertation: Introduction, Handbook, and organization

921 Who Leads Your Field? Who are the top seven leading experts with Ph.D./ M.D. degrees? How does their work support yours? What gaps are you filling? List the top ten research studies in your field, identifying the five closest key phrases for your search. How do they support your topic? Are there professional associations for your topic? List them along with how their mission and membership may support your research and topic.

Step ONE: Concept Paper

955 Dissertation: Designing your Study and Support Team

958 Dissertation: Chapter 1 Introduction

956 Dissertation: Chapter 2 Review of Literature

957 Dissertation: Chapter 3 Methodology

980 Research Concept Paper

Step TWO: Advance to Candidacy

954 Dissertation: Advance to Candidacy

Step THREE: Committee Approval

Seek approval for your dissertation committee

Step FOUR: Research Proposal & Ethics

959 Statement of the Problem

952 CITI Program Training. Collaborative Institute Training initiative for Ethics in Human Subject Research. Mandatory for studies involving human subjects. Social-Behavioral-Educational (SBE).

953 Institutional Review Board (IRB) application/ approval

988 Dissertation Proposal & Research. Proposal Review.

Step FIVE: Complete Research & Writing

989 Dissertation: Writing & Research.

960 Dissertation: Chapter 4 Results & Analysis

961 Dissertation: Chapter 5 Summary Discussion

962 Dissertation: Bibliography

963 Dissertation: Abstract

Step SIX: Oral Defense

964 Dissertation: Defense


Step EIGHT: Graduate!