The Course

Ascend The God Ladder: A Journey of Love, Divine Connection, and Quantum Possibility

Join us for a transformative 3-session course that delves deep into the 7 Realms of Being. We call that The God Ladder. Focusing on the potent realms of Love, Personal God, and Quantum Field Consciousness, this immersive experience invites you to ascend to new heights of spiritual awakening and manifestation.

What to Expect:

Guided Meditations

Begin each session immersed in the realm of pure Love, where healing and cocreation unfold effortlessly.

Each class session uses guided meditations that teach you to explore each of the 7 realms of consciousness on The God Ladder.

Connect with the essence of Divine Connection, opening your heart to receive miracles in every area of your life.

On-the-Fly Assignments

Receive real-time assignments that activate Emotional Alchemy: transforming fear into courage, sadness into compassion.

Engage in mind-expanding practices to activate the Mind's Eye: opening to receive visions and inner wisdom regarding your deepest intentions.

Navigate Life with The God Ladder

Learn to use The God Ladder as a powerful tool for navigating life's challenges.

Learn to load a problem into your super-consciousness: an answer will come to you immediately, or over time.

It's magic.

The boulder in your path becomes the staircase that you climb as you ascend to the 6th realm where profound healing and divine guidance await.

What you will learn:

Ascend to the Realm of Divine Love

Experience Divine Love healing past wounds, co-creating new visions, and manifesting miracles in your relationships and experiences.

Practice living in the Energy of Love through the week and watch your life transform.

Ascend to the Realm of the Personal God

Connect with Divine Guidance to receive profound healing and soul knowing from Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, and the Holy Self.

Activate Divine Potential as you enter states of wholeness, health, abundance, and delight, releasing limits and embracing true power.

Really! Are these truly states? Yes. By experiencing these inner states, the gateways are opened to infuse them into daily life.

Ascend to the Realm of Quantum Field Consciousness

Dive into limitless possibilities in the formless Quantum Field where deep peace and pure BEing reside.

Manifest your soul calling as you practice BEing in the pure presence and allow the Quantum Field to guide your manifestations and life path.

Join us for The God Ladder Experience

Feel the resonance of Love, Divine Connection, and Quantum Manifestation as you ascend The God Ladder.

Experience the power of guided meditations, on-the-fly assignments, emotional alchemy, and activation of the Mind's Eye in a supportive and transformative environment.

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  The God Ladder Practice
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  March 15 ~ Explore The God Ladder
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  March 22 ~ The Spiritual Body
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  April 12 ~ Source/ Quantum Fields of CoCreation
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Your instructor

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney is a revered guide on the spiritual journey toward divine love, deeply committed to nurturing the souls that seek her wisdom. Graced with the capacity for direct communion with the Divine, angels, and spiritual beings, she channels these profound encounters into transformative teachings. With her rich expertise, Kimberly has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands, fostering personal revelations of God's love that catalyze healing and heighten self-awareness.

As the President of Gateway University and the founder of The Angel Ministry, Kimberly's approach in 'Climb the God Ladder to Love' is infused with her passion for connection and enlightenment. Her best-selling works, including the Angel Blessings Cards, reflect her dedication to spiritual growth, offering indispensable insights to those who aspire to elevate their relationship with the Divine and achieve clarity in life's journey.