4. Traits of you being the carrier for your family karma

Traits of Family Karma

  • You are the most spiritual developed person and the most conscious one amongst your parents and siblings.
  • You've always felt different from your family; you've felt a grave distance to who they are and how they behave.
  • Sometimes, you inexplicably fall ill and have the feeling that you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.
  • You have been entangled in bizarre family matters more than once.
  • You recognize family patterns in your parents and ancestors, and you actually understand it enough to change it!

Please read and check the descriptions that pertain to you:

If you really want to know if you are a carrier of your family karma, these are the TEN signs that could help you find out:

  1. From time to time, you become ill out of the blue, and sometimes it even feels as though the weight of the whole world is on your shoulders.
  2. You are the most spiritual, conscious, and intelligent person in your entire family.
  3. You are the person who always has the 'bad luck' and always gets caught up in the worst situations possible in your family.
  4. It seems that you are 'different' from the rest of your family. You can feel it, even if you don't know how you differ from them.
  5. You have some weird, sickening feeling that your family karma exists and you subconsciously are looking for a way out.
  6. You worry that you could carry the karma to the next generation at the detriment of your family.
  7. You think that bad karma will be detrimental to you, you become paranoid of consequences.
  8. You worry if you are positive enough, and if you have the right frequency vibrations, and feel you must give, give, give, and give a little more - never feeling like it is truly enough.
  9. You are obsessed with superstitions pertaining to the concept of karma and dedicate your life for 'the better'.
  10. You have a sense that your family counts on you for everything in life, not realizing that this trait has been carried on from past lives and lineage responsibilities. You try to elevate this burden but it often keeps you spinning your wheels.

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