What to expect in this course

Welcome to the Ancestral Lineage Karma and Contracts Release experience.

Your adventure begins the moment you register. By enrolling, you are giving Spirit permission to speed up your healing process. That means you will become aware of the issues you struggle with in life and how they connect back to your family.

Begin the journey here:

  1. Watch the Introduction Video to tune in to Cathi and the energy of release.
  2. Explore this course contents by opening the sections to begin thinking about this opportunity.
  3. Print the Guide
  4. Dive into the Lessons!

In this powerful workshop, Cathi Burke teaches you to energetically release yourself, and the karma of your lineage, in 30 days.

With a little bit of focus and the use of spiritual tools, each day you will release more and more of the past that has been binding you. You are worthy of this! As you commit yourself and do the daily practices, you will see results that will help you to return to a space of wholeness and Self in daily life.

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