What you will learn in this course


Welcome to the Akashic Record Healing course where you will release past life trauma that is sabotaging your life. While we are there, we will also harvest the skills, blessings and goodness you stashed away!

We will be working with a powerful group of Masters from the Akashic Records, Angels, Soul Guides, and Ascended Master with the Divine Umbrella of Spirit by your side.

You will learn to open the Akashic Records with a special prayer before the journey, and we will end with a special closing prayer to close the records.

"Thank you for joining us on this powerful Past Life Workshop for Healing, Movement and Manifestation. My name is Cathi Burke and I am a Trained Akashic Records Facilitator. I am very happy to bring you through this Journey. The journey was given to me by my Angels, Soul Guides, and the Masters. I can't wait for you to experience how filled it is with guidance, love, protection and support."

In this Workshop, You Will:

  • Learn what the Akashic Records are
  • Develop a strong connection to these sacred Records
  • Deepen your connection to your spiritual team
  • Learn how to open and close the Records
  • Learn to open the records to ALLOW their amazing energy into your life
  • Enhance all aspects of your life with the power of the records
  • Discover how to access the SOUL PLAN for your life
  • Work with special groups of energies to clear Past Lives
  • Use groups of special Karma Points to release energies of Past Lives

According to Edgar Casey, the Akashic Records are the Books of Life, the records of every Soul's journey throughout all of time. In your records you can explore who you are and your place of origin. The information of your Soul since it's very inception can be access in an Etheric place called the Akasha.