What you will learn in this course


Welcome Past Life Seekers to this amazing opportunity to create the life you love and desire through the power of Past Lives and the Akash.

A great body of Wisdom is waiting for you, a vast system of energies that connects us with the wisdom of the Ages. Special ancient Holders of the Akashic Records are ready to share even more of their wisdom and knowledge with you.

Rev. Cathi Burke has created this 2nd Level Workshop because the energies have made a huge shift. We are now able to truly clear, cleanse, and move forward from Past Life Karma! It is time to turn the page to see the strengths, the beauty, and the possibilities that we can harness from our Past Lives.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to access greater health, well being, abundance, love, and more? Through the Akashic Records and Past Life connections, you can do just that.

A grand Clearing of the Old, to truly welcome the NEW!

We are at a special time of Divine Healing like never before. WE are letting go of Karma for good. We are able to invite in more beauty, love, and abundance.

In this Workshop, You Will:

  • Connect even deeper with the richness of your Past Lives activating positive energy that has been waiting for the new place in your life.
  • Learn how to translate your "Book" of Past Lives even more.
  • Begin to connect with past lives where you were healthier, happier, and more prosperous, then activate that energy for NOW!
  • This will realign your body, mind, and spirit with what you want to Create at this time in your life, and help you to draw on the perfect people, places, and situations for you to do this.

Cathi will connect you with the essence of several crystals to help you to clear and connect with these past lives, clearing a path for a fresh start and New Beginnings.

You will go on a special Activation Journey that will begin the process of connection, and after the class you will be given a special homework assignment that will help you continue to OPEN THE NEW DOOR to your heart's desire.

You will learn several more ways to activate the Akashic Records and work hand-in-hand with it's energy. This is a process that, over time, will bring you into the life that you have been yearning to experience.

You will also learn, through a group of special invocations and prayers, how to dismiss any remaining Karma energies that still haunt you. These situations have had their day!