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Journey with us into Higher Consciousness

Meet Archangel Raphael

Are you a healer? Do you invite angels into your healing work? Your work could be anything that you feel called to bring healing energy into. Raphael means "God Cures." The beautiful part is that God does the curing, not you, when you work with Raphael. That...


Be an Earth Angel in Action

The Angels invite you to Be an Earth Angel in Action We are calling our Beloved Children of Light to find each other. Come together in strength. There are millions of you. No two are alike. You like all around the world in every country. You practice every religion and faith. You are focused...


Change Your Focus

Archangel Gabriel has a message for you: Gabriel is here, holding you in love. Holding you in peace. Holding you in purpose. Holding you in joy. Holding you in health. Gabriel is here. Relax. Breathe in the peace of my presence behind you. I lift the burden of self-importance from...


You are Loved Beyond Imagining

You are loved beyond anything you can imagine. Angels live in a state of beauty that is tangible and visceral. Their very presence is so exquisite that it exudes fragrance, sound, and vibrations that express their state of being. The Angel of Worthiness is encouraging you to SENSE your inner...


Simply Be, From a Place of Fullness

Simply BE, From a Place of Fullness As I travel around the world leading workshops and doing angel readings, I receive the best questions from people! Here is one of my favorites that came in an email from a reader: There are forces at work in my life that I cannot...


Inviting More Synchronicity into Your Life

What if you could tap into life's magical flow more often? Would you be open and willing? Your Soul knows all about the power of synchronicity. What appears as coincidence is the flowering of a seed that you planted with your intentions. It seems like a completely random event, but...