Simply BE, From a Place of Fullness

As I travel around the world leading workshops and doing angel readings, I receive the best questions from people!

Here is one of my favorites that came in an email from a reader:

There are forces at work in my life that I cannot identify. There are blessings within my grasp if I could only recognize them. How can I be filled with divine love so that my awareness may be lifted and I may realize the true nature of these events to receive their blessing?

The angels gave this instruction:

Simply be.
Without effort, without pretense.
Simply be, from a place of fullness.
Allow that to pour over into everything you do.
Begin with the fullness.
The illusion would have you believe that you are not full of the essence which has made you.
That is a lie.
You are full of the Spirit of God.
You are connected to your Eternal Spirit.
You are a vessel of unconditional love.
You are a messenger of God.
You are a beautiful spirit of healing transformation.
You are a gift to this world.
You are the Beloved, the Blessed One.
Feel this truth today and take action!

Do you feel this truth?

What can you do today to take action in your life?

You ARE the blessing.

Do you want to know how to

With love,

Kimberly Marooney