Invitation into the Breath of Life

It has begun!

The new energy of awakening is here. The energy of love is infusing the planet Earth and all inhabitants. The energy of love is coalescing in the solar system. The energy of love is renewing and rejuvenating every atom in the material world.

This of this love gift as the Breath of Life - the Breath of God.

Imagine the air is alive, vibrant, sparkling with renewal, with health, joy, and kindness! With each breath you take, the body relaxes. Emotions calm. Thoughts still.

The stress, anxiety, fear, resentment that you have been clinging tightly to, relaxes. You relax with each breath. You can feel the tension melt away.

Problems recede in importance for this moment of calm. You experience a deep peace. The peace that passes understanding. How is it possible to instantly feel such a soothing and satisfying peace? Nothing else has changed. Yet!

Keep breathing in the balm of eternal peace. As your emotions calm, you notice that love is filling your heart. A warmth tingles in your chest. You can feel this warmth expand outward to fill your entire body. Areas that were in pain relax. Pain melts away. Discomfort eases. The body become peaceful, relaxed, open to the flow of love. Imbalance relaxes into balance. The body is able to correct itself. The body is able to re-establish health, vibrancy, well being. All is well.

Keep breathing. With each breath, more divine love enters your blood stream. Love oxygen touches every cell with peace. Kindness wells up in your heart and radiates outward first through your body and then out into the world.

Kindness. Gentleness. Peacefulness. It radiates outward to your family. It extends outward to your friends. It expands to include co-workers and neighbors. Ripples of kindness flow out to your community - to everyone you interact with - to everyone everywhere.

Kindness! Ripples of kindness flow to you! Waves of kindness refill you. Imagine! A world of kindness.

You notice that the tone of the media is changing. There is less cruelty and more kindness. And so it grows! One person, one thought, one feeling, one conversation, one Tweet, one post at a time. Kindness!

Yes, Divine Love is here. Divine love is transforming collective consciousness into a luminous pool of kindness. YOU are the liaison. You are the first wave of kindness is uplifted consciousness. It's you! Live well.

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