You are the Secret Agent!

You are invited to commune daily with Divine Love. As an earth angel, you were placed in this body, and in this location for this very moment in time. Who placed you? This is not like a job assignment where a greater authority sent you out on a mission. You are the greater authority. You sent yourself as a Secret Agent into this life with the express purpose of Awakening now.

Have you been waiting your whole life for something? You don’t know what. Each time you think you know, the moment passes and you move forward, but it wasn’t the Big Shift you were waiting for. And so the search continued. Well, you have arrived. This is the Big Shift in Consciousness that you came for. The time is NOW.

The Secret Agent part is real. Not all of humanity are able to perceive the Awakening of Consciousness that is happening now. To some, nothing will appear to have changed. To others like you, EVERYTHING is changing. Nothing will remain as it was for you. This is the Power of Awakening Consciousness.

From the higher perspective of your Eternal Self, everything in life appears different than from the vantage point of your local self or personality. The personality can only see material appearances. It is limited by the rules of material existence. Your personality can never learn or understand the higher functions of the soul or the Eternal Self. The personality does not have the capacity. It’s like expecting a dog to sing like a canary, or a whale to walk on land.

That’s where the Secret Agent part comes in. It is not possible to separate from your soul and Eternal Self. It is not possible to disconnect from the Source of all wisdom and power. It is not possible to forsake your True Essence. The personality is the disguise. While it may seem the other way around from the perspective of the limited self, the Truth must eventually be revealed. As a play, or a book or a movie, or any story reaches the end, the actors take off their costumes and stage makeup. They know who they are. Actors do not confuse the character they are playing with who they are in truth. Or, maybe they do! Perhaps you the actor, have gotten so engaged with this character, and this role, and this set of circumstances, that you have forgotten that its only make believe! It appears so real!

Wouldn’t you like to know who you truly are? Doesn’t your heart yearn to experience the love and power that lies beneath the surface of the script? This is what you came for! The Great Reveal! The Great Awakening.

In some ways, this Great Awakening is HUGE! It is splattered all over the media and life! And in other ways, it is a secret code that not everyone can read. Humanity has reached the tipping point. Millions of you are Awakening to Truth now. At the same times, millions are not ready for this shift. They want to linger in the possibilities of the roles they have chosen. They don not opportunity. They cannot. Their script doesn’t include this opportunity. They have chosen a later event that is yet to come. All is well with this choice.

Your script includes the Great Awakening of Consciousness. You can see it happening all around you! You see it in the bazillion new movies on social media with people sharing light and love. It’s the kids dancing at home. Live music concerts! story telling and memories. Creativity like Pluto the Dog and the guy blanket surfing. It’s the first responders and health care workers who are willing to risk infection to care for those in need. It’s the government workers who are finding ways to provide financial flow during this period of change. It’s the food providers who show up to tend crops and animals, to drive trust, to stock shelves, to stand at the checkout risking exposure. It’s the plumber who stays on the jog and the dentist who is still taking emergencies. It’s the billions of people staying home, thinking of the health and wellbeing of everyone! It’s the global cooperation and the cessation of violence collectively. It’s the sign of relief from Mother Gaia as planes stop flying, trains stop running, cars stay parked, factories stop. It’s the clearing sky so the Himalayas can bee seen for the first time in 30 years from the cities in India, and the air clearing in China that is visible from space. It’s the rain falling in dry places washing away air pollution and nourishing the parched plants and soil. It’s the joy of colorful sunrises and sunsets. It’s the laugher of children playing with their parents! It’s the simplicity of life, the joy of creativity, the spark of light in the hearts of everyone. Yes, everyone!

What if these little moments of joy are it? What if each act of selfless giving, each moment of creativity, each breath of love IS the Great Awakening? It IS! What if lying down to rest is the highest gift of selfless love you can offer to all humanity?

When you can see this, you are seeing through the eyes of your soul. You are seeing through Awakened Consciousness. You are witnessing the preciousness of human life and the value of the struggle.

Welcome Home Child of Light! Welcome Home.

With love,