You ARE the Angel!

Trust. Breathe. Relax. Allow the Peace of the Holy Comforter to enfold you. Trust that all is well. Relax into an experiment of peace. Let the tension in your body release. Notice any place that is holding or clenching. Breathe into it. Release the tension. Relax. Breathe into the blood flow.

Imagine you are sitting comfortably next to a creek, watching the water flow. Hear the sound of the water flowing. Close your eyes. Smell the fresh air. Feel the flow of peace through your body like this creek.

Don’t try to figure anything out. Relax your thoughts allowing them to drift by without attention to any one. Return your attention to gentle, deep breathing, feeling the flow of energy through your body. Feel Calm. Allowing yourself to feel comforted. Imagine what it would feel like for the angels to personally hold you in comfort. That holy comfort is real. The angels are present comforting you now. Trust this. Breathe into this possibility. Open your heart, body, and energy to the experience of angel presence and angel comfort.

What if there is no power outside of you? What if you are the angel? It is so, and so it is. Does this thought empower you? Your true Being is a mighty Being who is also tender and kind. That is you. I Am that! I am. Breathe into comfort, peace, and love. That is the truth of you.

This is one way to practice Oneness. Invite your imagination to explore many ways. Twice a day, lie down and feel Oneness for at least 15 minutes. Once every hour, take THREE deep, complete breaths feeling Oneness. While there, seek guidance on how to stay in this Oneness for the next hour. So Be It!

With love,


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