It’s the day before Easter. I asked Jeshua to teach me to consciously activate or heal my body and ascend my Being. In an instant, I could clearly see! It is natural from higher consciousness of Oneness.

Truly, there is nothing to teach. Your local self can never learn to active itself or ascend. Your Eternal Self just IS! The connecting link is the question. This is why we ask you to devote time every hour and for at least 15 minutes twice a day – minimum – to deepen this connection. The experience must go beyond connection between two separate entities and into Oneness.

Everything you seek is in Oneness. You can live as a human in a state of Oneness. All wisdom needed is accessible. Love is pervasive. Truth reigns supreme. Magnificence and glory are your reignment.

The Eternal Being activates the body daily. The Eternal Being of you knows how to ascend the energy of you and has done it many times. The commandment is to trust. Trust that the path that is laid out before you is your Divine Plan. Trust that the situations in your life are presenting the energy and wisdom needed to each next step, each choice. Trust that the changes happening in the world will eventually result in awakening for all. Trust. Allow your emotions to disconnect from the pain of the crumbling political structure. Use this change to benefit and move forward.

Bring the focus to the part of your local self that refuses to make the hourly connections; and refuses to lie down for deeper communication. This is where self-discipline is useful. Set your phone peeps to remind you. Don’t let anything intrude upon this precious connection time.

You are learning a new way of living daily life in harmony with your Master Self, or rather; your local self is being trained. The local self likes to feel in control. It is anxious and fearful when it doesn’t feel in control.

The Master Self is trying to give it comfort and reassurance with the hourly check-ins. The Christ Self is infusing the body and personality with Divine Love during these rest periods. Health, well-being, and abundance are all linked to these two rest periods each day. Just do it! Choose love. Be LOVE.