Beloved, we are here. Always. As the light of the sun warms your body, the light of love warms your heart and soul. Close your eyes and breathe into the warmth of Spirit. Breathe into the light of truth. Breathe into the peace that passes understanding. We are here beloved Child of Light. You are never alone. We walk with you always.

In moments of distress, pause and breathe. Remember the sensations of warmth, comfort, and Presence. As you remember, the truth emerges. You are a powerful being of Light! Allow the magnificent Light of Love to radiate from your heart. Allow the kindness of compassion to shine in your eyes. Allow the healing love of wholeness to flow through your hands. Heal yourself, then direct the benediction of love to flow to your loved ones, community, and planet.

The Awakening of Consciousness is happening now! One person at a time, in the Cave of Soul or the Temple of Soul. You are finding your way to truth. What is that truth but loving compassion? One moment at a time, you are choosing love over fear, truth over alternate facts. One conversation at a time, you are connecting with others to share moments of Oneness, moments of truth and grace. By coming together in solidarity to discuss events and to share methods of elevating consciousness, you are lifting the energy for all humanity!

Witness with awe the sheer volume of conversations and interviews that have happened over the last two months as humanity joins hands in love! People are sharing their wisdom and love. Itzhak Perlman tells stories from his life and plays his Stradivarius violin. Patrick Stewart is reading Shakespeare love sonnets. Pluto the dog reminds the two-leggeds how to relax and stay at home to stop the spread of the CoronaVirus. So many creative stories are unfolding on “the internets”! Are you sharing your story? Are you finding ways to be creative?

Have you prepared your Easter Egg Hunt? There is still time!