Beloved child of Light, holy one, we welcome you Home into your embrace of love. We are with you always, introducing subtle reminders of another possibility. We send hints that challenge faulty beliefs. We create opportunities to feel divine love around every corner.

Think of these opportunities as Easter Eggs! This week, pretend that you are on an Easter Egg hunt all day! Be on the lookout for treasures of awareness, love, joy, sweetness, and health. Pause often during the day to close your eyes, breathe, and tune in to the bliss of inner oneness. We are here waiting for your attention. We are like the dog holding a toy at your feet, waiting for you to play! Of course, dog spelled backward is god.

What if you are constantly on the lookout for Easter Eggs of goodness? This would require a reframe from being constantly on the lookout for danger, fear, worry, and anxiety. This Easter Egg hunt has the potential to rewire how you perceive daily life. Do you want this change of perspective? Have you suffered enough anxiety and fear? What if you could put fear into the egg as you take joy out? Then send the fear egg back to Divine Love to be recycled and transmuted into pure energy? You can do this!

What would Easter Eggs look like? Or feel like in daily life? The sun on your face as you breathe into accompanying bliss. The aroma of a good meal as you take time to feel comfort and satisfaction. Hugging a loved one, taking time to feel love. A beautiful view out the window, playing with a pet, drinking a glass of water, listening to birds sing, playing with a child, singing, washing windows, a creative project, writing a letter to a friend, watering the garden, so many Easter Eggs of joy, peace, love, and contentment are all around you, waiting to be savored, waiting to be enjoyed!

What if each time you feel burdened, you imagine laying that energy or thought down. Pantomime putting it down. Then look around for the Easter Egg! Is it under a book? Behind a chair? Around a corner? Keep looking until you find it! What if this transformation from suffering to light could be fun? What if it could be a game? Game? Why not? Have some fun! And you could even make some Easter Eggs to find in your home.

You could have some fun! Select some things you love, and wrap them up in some way, and hide them around the house to be rediscovered. Do an Easter Egg hunt!

Play, have fun, treat yourself. Let go of seriousness for a few moments to Lighten UP! Let your heart glow like the sun! Be the radiant heart light that you are. That is Home.

Divine Love is waiting for you around every corner; in every word you speak to others, in every thought and action. Eternal peace is the floor you walk on, the ground, the Earth. Let each step connect in Oneness to Eternal Peace. Joy is spinning around you always. The strands of luminosity are within reach – grab one and pull it to you! Receive a splash of joy!

This is Heaven on Earth within YOU!

With love,

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