Beloved, all is well.

Be at peace.


Be still and know that I am God.
I am within you.

We are one.


Breathe the Breath of God, the Breath of Love.



Once again, we begin the journey inward.

We ride on the Breath of Love.

Heart breaths.

Soul breaths.

Love breaths.

Relax body and mind.

Relax emotions.

Be at peace.

Let cares, worries, or plans melt away in the Breath of Love.

They will be waiting for you in a few minutes.

For now, float in Eternal Peace.

Relax your body into the embrace of peace.

Allow thoughts to drift away and dissolve.

No need to understand anything in this moment of Oneness.

Sink deeper into relaxation, peace, and the pleasure of Spirit.

Expand into eternity, allowing the boundaries of your limited self to dissolve into the pleasure of bliss and peace.

Allow the experience to expand and consume you in Love.

As you float in the comfort of eternal peace and love, notice the cells of your body are healing, lighting up in health, singing in joy.

The essence of you is the universe – expanding into all that is – and yet contained in your physical body.

Feel both simultaneously.

Eternal and local.

This is Heaven on Earth.

It’s YOU.