Beloved Child of Light, would you like to light up the universe? You can!

Breathe into your heart. Expand the love in your heart until it radiates out to illuminate your Light Body. Enjoy the glow. Feel the joy and pleasure as you glow! With each breath, expand the brilliance and reach of your glow! Appreciate the shift within your head, the shift to equipoise – perhaps a little dizzy with special displacement as you expand into higher consciousness. Direct this radiant peace into everything it contacts – house, furniture, people, plants, pets, air, and the earth.

Relax into peace, joy, and love. Imagine a strand of blue light radiating outward from your heart, filing your community. See many blue strands of light coming toward you with gratitude as peace weaves into the fabric of all life. Rest in the embrace of expanding peace. Feel cradled. Loved. For you are! Breathe and relax into peace. Your heart is as big as the world, holding all in peace; everyone, everywhere in a breath of peace.

As a smile parts your lips, joy slips in. Golden strands of joy emanate out and all around you. Other strands of golden joy are weaving into the fabric of all life everywhere. Imagine radiant, glorious golden light enveloping all life on earth, and in this solar system, and galaxy, and universe – and all of creation – infusing all matter with peace and joy.

With a smile, the mighty Seraphim sing the Song of God’s love out into creation. Ecstatic sounds of love weave color and sound into the fabric of all material creation. The tones of love manifest in beautiful color that we can’t even imagine, yet, our hearts recognize.

Our hearts remember Heaven. As we breathe into heavenly color and soul and glory, we remember. We feel open. Our loving hearts feel at-one-ment with all loving heart.

In this moment, all is forgiven.

All is well.

Be at Peace.

You are Love.

You are Loved.

We are ONE.