At each moment of transition, of choice, wondering what to do or what to contemplate next, pause. If you feel anxiety rising at this moment of choice, pause. Even for things as simple as dishes or laundry? Pause. For matters related to work, or finances, most of all for health, pause.

Take THREE complete BREATHS as we have been advising. During these breaths, don’t try to figure anything out. Simply relax as you breathe.

NOTICE how your inner experience shifts. Do you feel more open? Calmer? Good. If not, do three more complete breaths.

REPEAT as needed until you feel calm. You may feel your energy field twinkling.

ALLOW your calm mind, body, and emotions to relax. Three more breaths as needed.

ASK Spirit/ God/ Angels to guide your next steps. What matters most?

ALLOW THE KNOWING, or sense, or vision to flow into you. A word may flash into your thoughts. You may see an image like a photo pop up for a second. You may feel your body lean in the direction as it knows what is most important.

TRUST your inner senses and knowing.

Then TAKE ACTION. Just do it.


What if you encounter resistance? What if you don’t like that answer or you don’t want to do it?

BREATHE. Relax. Return to that place of peace.

ASK AGAIN. “Do I really need to work on my taxes now?” or whatever the task is.

Once again. OPEN to guidance. Invite Spirit to participate with you in the task. Ask for step-by-step support from Spirit.

Resistance comes from a few main branches.

1.You don’t know how, or just don’t want to do the next step. This is the case with many life tasks that must be done, like taxes.

2.Another branch is ego resistance to following divine guidance. The ego wants to retain control. A solution can be worked out by seeing from a new perspective.

3.The other possibility is a warning system. This is NOT correct guidance. STOP!

At times, we are tuned in to a lower frequency. The directions from lower frequencies can cause more distress.

Resistance has a valuable function! It can stop us from making poor choices.

Good news! Spirit is patient. True spiritual guidance from Divine Source will clarify misunderstandings when given the chance. Ask questions. Look for validation. Especially when big issues are at play.

What can you trust?

What feeling or knowing can you deeply trust?

What methods of receiving do you KNOW to be Divine?

Curiosity is a gift from Spirit. Focused curiosity, inner trust, and love are guiding you.

What stirs your heart to love?