Beloved, this is a time of great healing. We call it the Great Awakening, but it is a time of healing. A cleansing. We call it the Atonement. Your understanding of atonement is not the same. It is the return of feeling At-One-ment always. Every moment. Never again separate from the Presence of Divine Love.

You are invited to choose At-One-ment. The gateway is open. Love Light shines all about you. Choose to breathe it in.

Choose to light up in your Christ Presence.

Choose a new existence of Heaven on Earth, At-One-ment.

Choose to shed the coat of illusion. You are no longer a character in a reenactment of the fall from Grace. The play has ended. The actors have removed makeup and costumes. The actors are becoming them Selves and are coming Home.

I don't know about you, but the tears are flowing. I have been waiting to hear these words and feel this presence in my heart my whole life.

With love,