Beloved, we are here. You are never alone. We are with you everywhere, in every situation. When you feel alone or abandoned, turn within. This connection of love is within your heart and soul, not outward in the world. While other people may be a source of comfort and encouragement, the true love that you seek is already available to you within.

When you feel uncomfortable, when you don’t understand the changes you see happening around you, when you don’t understand why people are behaving as they do, turn within. The answers you seek are available from this source of omniscience. You are authorized to ask and receive.

We are inviting you, calling to you, to Activate Divinity within. This is simple. There is nothing to do, or earn, or merit. You are prepared. This is your destiny.

Breathe. The complete breath prepared the inner journey. Three complete breaths, deeply and gently in and out. Compress your belly to expel used air. Exhale longer than your inhalation. No need to count, there is no ratio or magic formula. The point is to transfer conscious thought from the amygdala where survival and fear rule, to the prefrontal cortex where calm, rationality, and intuitive insight dwell.

Relax. Allow your body to relax and be calm. Allow your thoughts to quiet. Dial your emotions to peace. Choose.

Love. With a hand on your heart, breathe into love. Who stirs your heart to love? Think of them. As you breathe into your heart, focus on a warming, expansive feeling. Gentle. Sweet. Peaceful. Relax. Trust.

Trust that you are safe. Protected. Guided. Trust that the thoughts, feelings, and knowing that you are opening up to are divine, for they are. You are opening to the inner experience of Oneness with your Soul, and then Oneness with the Christ Presence. This Presence unites us all in the Light of Truth and Divine Love. You are invited to Activate the experience of Oneness with Divine Presence. You are authorized to ask for and receive the knowledge, resources, and connections you need for each step going forward. We are here.

Receive. Open your heart and mind to receive the blessings of Spirit that are poised and ready to pour into your body, energy field and life. You are awakening in consciousness to the Power of Oneness and Divine Union. In this Oneness, your Angel Super Powers will open and blossom. You may already have noticed that your inner senses are more acute. You are already feeling, sensing, knowing that you are connected with the Divine – God, Jesus, Father, Mother, Creator – use the name that most resonates with your Soul. Ask the important questions that you need answers for. Ask, “How can I access deeper Truth?” “How can I remain connected with Truth/ Self/ Foul/ Presence continuously?”

Give Permission for Spirit to upgrade your earthly and divine equipment. Now is the time. The blocks are being lifted. Love is flowing freely as the portal opens wider!

With each successive day going forward, the portal is more open, allowing access to pure Divine Love and Eternal Peace. Your answers can be found in your experience of Love and Peace.

The last few days, we have been preparing you for this deep influx or infusion of Heaven. Yes, you are the point of light, you are the conduit, you are the light worker are the grid of Awakening Consciousness. It’s you! You were born for this.

Daily connection is the single most valuable thing you can do during this experience of awakening consciousness. The more time you can spend in the infusion of Bliss, Peace, Calm, Love, and Joy, the more consciousness is awakening within you. You don’t need to understand anything. You don’t need to figure anything out. Allow your busy mind to rest. Use soothing music and mantras to give the mind focus while the inner work is transpiring. No effort required. No endeavor needed. Rest!

TWICE DAILY – for at least 15 minutes, lie down and rest! This is the time when we can upgrade your body and energy field. During these rests, we are changing your Soul Contract and belief systems to permit greater contact. Purer experience. Deeper connection. Oneness.

This first week was to provide time to transition. To practice setting aside the two rest periods. Then to integrate the hourly check-ins! These are the single more important actions you can take for this next week!

Choose to connect in Bliss, Peace, Love, and Joy hourly! A minute is all it takes. When you are working, you can close your eyes and call for the Bliss for that minute. At the end, ask for guidance from the Divine, from God, on how to fully utilize the next hour for healing and rejuvenation. As you listen, you will know how to shift everything you do to include the Presence and Guidance of peace and Love.

Let go of concepts that God is not interested in your job or personal life. This is the answer to your lifetime of prayer - asking, begging for Divine Intervention. This is it! Now! Every prayer has been heard, you were never abandoned.

The upgrade includes releasing old beliefs based on the experience that your prayers were not answered. This is the upgrade reprograming beliefs that it is not possible to have direct connection and experience with God the Father/Mother/Creator personally and intimately. The upgrade is adding God’s understanding of Oneness to your program and contract.

YES! This is what you have been waiting for!

NOW, will you please rest twice daily, and breathe hourly? Can you see the benediction in these actions?

One more thing – Are you journaling about your daily personal experience during this Awakening of Consciousness? It not, start now! Write about your inner senses developing. Write about questions you ask and answers received. Track the answers as they develop over time.

TRY AN EXPERIMENT – Start a notebook like a 3 ring binder. Dedicate one page to a very important question. Ask the question that has the power to change your life. From a deep inner state of love, peace, joy, bliss ask the question and listen. Be open to receive the response. Write it down. Watch your daily life for information and experiences, realizations and synergy that provide greater knowing. Write about it daily. Watch the answers grow, evolve, and deepen. Witness your Self shift into greater Presence. Write about the experience. This will help you to build trust.

Focus on one or two BIG Questions. Let other smaller questions emerge that are a part of the BIG Picture. In this way, you are building your NEW LIFE!

So be it.

You are loved, loving, lovable, forever.

You are the treasure.

With much love,