Everything in my life the last few months has started with, "My mom died."

Curiosity percolated to the surface as I wonder, who am I now? I've clearly changed. Her love energy worked some magic as her parting gift. And her magic stirred up quite a bit of ancestral and past life pain. I started to realize how all the deep issues that never seem to heal are not from this life!

Then out of the blue, I experience the initiation into Planetary Mastery and start having powerful mystical experiences! I like this part. On a hike, my wandering mind focused in on trust. What if I could deeply trust God? What if I could live in a state of knowing Oneness with All-That-Is?

In that state of Oneness, trust isn't even a question, or an issue, or anything! In oneness, I am that. I am divine love, I am creative power, I am everyone and everything. There is no other that needs trusting! I just don't believe it most of my day.

My deep issues boil down to not trusting the Divine, and not feeling safe. That is separation. Clearly, these beliefs are far deeper and older than just this life. That got me thinking about Free Will. I've never truly understood it. How can I with a mind lost in duality? While these issues are running my life, I don't have choice. I don't have free will. I am the servant of past unforgiveness. I can feel how desperate this past energy is to be released into the light!

Each time I recognize a pattern or belief and trace it to its root cause for release, I feel the joy of everyone who was involved. That joy extends over many lifetimes and thousands of years! I see smiling faces filled with gratitude. Forgiveness itself becomes insignificant in this love. Light prevails.

Each time I can release the past to enter into choice, I have opened to Free Will. I have the opportunity to choose alignment with Spirit, or return to bondage to old patterns.

I like alignment with Spirit! How about you?

Thanks for puzzling this out with me.

With love,


P.S. For more information on Past Life Healing, click this link: https://gateway.university/p/akashic-record-healing/