This last week has been wild! It started a month ago with Cathi Burke's Ancestral Lineage Release course. Well, it started when my mom died last fall. That was the opening that has allowed powerful transformation into my heart and life.

What openings are you having? They might be good or bad. My mom's passing was both. She was old and quite ill. It was clearly her time to go. Your opening might have both good and challenging feelings spinning you around.

Like me, you might be wondering who are you now? What has changed? What truly matters? What is the way forward? All questions I've been exploring this year.

When Cathi's Ancestral Lineage Release course came along, I knew, that's it! I had no idea how powerful the daily process would be. It lead to a Spiritual Initiation into Planetary Mastery! That's pretty hot!

As I worked through family lineage, I saw a lot of past lives. In fact, the past lives and lineage were so woven together that it was hard to distinguish past lives of mine from ancestors.

So there I was, doing past life healing, too! The most amazing gift opened up in me.

Here's how it works. Unforgiveness was one of the biggest things I worked on day after day. I was surprised how deep unforgiveness ran in my family. So I asked to see the source of the pain that was running my life now?

A bridge across time appeared in my inner vision. I could see back thousands of years to the first time it happened. I could see how the trauma was so devastating to everyone - perpetrator and victim alike - that a decision was made not to forget in the form of unforgiveness. So we ended up repeated the same trauma in life after life. I could see the lives across time repeating, escalating, repenting, again and again. The pain and suffering carrying forward, each life hoping for release.

This is the life! We have called for the power of healing to stop this perpetual suffering now.

I would see the original people connecting in love, forgiving, reconciling, releasing in joy. All of us so relieved to be released from bondage to that core issue! Then I saw the love, forgiveness, and healing coming back over the bridge touching every life up to now. I could feel the healing happening for us all!

My mom has been smiling as this healing helps her in the afterlife. I see my grandparents relax into relief. The best part is the love is flowing. I can feel the love coming forward from my ancestors in gratitude for this healing.

As part of the daily healing practice, Cathi included the Lords of the Akash. I learned to do past life regression work with Judith Larkin Reno, but have never worked with the Akashic Records.

This experience has me very interested in the Akashic Records.

What is happening with you? Does this ring a bell? What are you very interested in? I want to know!