I've been obsessed with creativity, organization, clearing, and inspiration since the beginning of December. This guiding energy has taken me in an unusual and surprising direction!

It's a new year, and a new decade! My last decade was difficult and rewarding. Most of the people I speak with had a balance of wonderful experiences and challenges that illumined life. That is duality here on earth.

This new energy of creativity is guiding us to Become the Vessel for Spirit that we are meant to be, our Master Selves!

I asked the angels for a message to help us understand this powerful new influx of energy.

This is what they said:

The tide is turning.

The light is rising.

We ARE here for you, now and always.

We have always been with you, and we will always be with you.

It is not possible for us to separate.

This next influx of energy is the highest benediction.

The angels of Nature are clearing out the confusion and clutter that has trapped you. There is an organization in nature that allows many expressions of life to co-exist.

Archangel Jophiel is inspiring Creativity to loosen the stuck energy and start the flow of creative force for your soul.

What brings you Joy?

What instills fulfillment? Satisfaction?

Joy and Creativity are partners!

Every problem you have can be solved with Joy and Creativity.

Take the focus off of the problem and put it on the deepest yearning of your soul. The problem will be solved as a collateral blessing!

Collateral Blessing!

CHALLENGE: Create with Joy TODAY!

Seek an experience, anything! Create with Joy. Share the Joy. Do something. Make something. Create! Create health, wealth, love, kindness, courage. Create art, music, wisdom, beauty, peace! Create cooperative relationships. Collaborate on projects and ideas.


Take the challenge!

Have you been cleaning out closets, taking car loads to a donation center? Rearranging furniture? Getting rid of stuff you don't use, don't like, and doesn't work? Organizing papers, taxes, financials, estate?

You'll want to be with us live for the next Soul Illumination Circle to share your experience, ask questions, and connect with your Soul Family. We will explore this influx of new energy that is filling us with Divine Love.