When I close my eyes and turn within, eternal peace and divine love embrace me. I am Home. I am Grateful. My challenge is finding the courage everyday to shine that light into the world in bigger ways, revealing more of who I am and why I’m here.

Everyday, resistance helps me to see where old fears of being rejected stop me from taking important actions.

Feeling vulnerable to criticism stops me from telling the truth about my mission and how I can help others.

Feeling afraid of becoming a target of hatred keeps me hiding in obscurity.

The quantum leap from closed eyes and bliss to open eyes and action in the world is massive. Each tiny success feels gigantic.

Yet, when I trust my inner knowing and risk big, I find myself in a place that feels connected and natural. All that angst and effort has melted away. Miracles happen.

Another challenge pops up and the cycle starts again! Sound familiar?

What works for me? Having a powerful support network of angels, peers, and mentors who believe in me. Who help me to push through excuses and procrastination. Who remind me of how much people need what I’ve been given to offer.

You have a team of angels who are standing by to guide you into greater knowing of your soul purpose. Angels are practical and want to provide do-able action steps to bring your work and life into alignment with your soul. When you are in alignment, life flows with joy, peace, abundance, and fulfillment.

Each little step of Shining Your Light in the world, of sharing the messages of your soul, sends massive ripples of joy into collective consciousness for us all. Each time you shine, you feed the universe with Divinity. You are needed!

So, how do you connect with these magic angels? Close your eyes and turn within. They are waiting for you. You are always surrounded by angels and other forms of support from Spirit. You are never alone. By simply turning your attention within, and seeking that inner connection, your curiosity will do the rest.

Curiosity is a soul quality. Curiosity is one way that your angels guide you into a new direction, or inspire your interest in an aspect of your soul mission. We humans like to think that we are alone, abandoned, pitiful. But no! We are glorious, magnificent, and joyful! Anything that connects you with joy is a lifeline from your angels. Anything that sparks the light in your eyes is the treasure from heaven.

As you walk your sacred path each day, watch for the mystery. Be alert for moments of joy and savor them. Greet each experience of resistance, fear, and confusion with gratitude as you turn with in access the larger perspective of your heavenly team.

Then turn to life with a smile on your face, joy beaming from your eyes, and love radiating from your heart. Life will return the favor. Party on!